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Do I need to sign up with a credit card?

No. We don’t require a credit card during the viewing Demo. Its fylly free.

What is the difference between the Developer and the Broker Edition?

Both share the same basic CRM functionalities as managing contacts or listings. In addition to the Broker Edition the Developer Edition includes features like creating agreements, track payments and allocate inventory to external sales partners.

How it works?

Well it works in two different ways “Desktop version” and “Web- based Application”.

Binary Computer Desktop - An offline solution, You are required to subscribe to our full application suite. You can install on tablet PC or a Laptop, Go around your clients and prepare a full property listing advertisement there and then. Post your properties online in seconds and synchronize with your company main database.

Binary Computer Online - A Full Web based solution, Subscribe to the service in minutes and start doing business in no time. A full real estate management software is available online wherever you go you have the system.

What are the main features?

Binary Computer - All of technical experts have sound knowledge and understanding of the real estate market in India.

Real Estate ERP

We at BC Software Services Pvt. Ltd. develop such software that is mainly useful for all the Real Estate agents, consultants, builders and highly potential individuals in the Real Estate industry.
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